Introducing Crista Marie Miller

By January 31, 2024 No Comments

I have always been a seeker of Truth. Gnosis is what drives my day to day. So, how do I take my thirst for knowledge and turn it into something tangible? How can I help people find their soul purpose? I know that is my calling. But come on let’s face it, finding your soul purpose is not an easy task!

I am getting a little ahead of myself though, let me back up a little.

Hi, my name is Crisat Maria Miller.  Spirit has always been a conscious part of my life. I honestly don’t know life without it. At the age of Seven my life dramatically changed when I had an encounter with a ghost. At that point, I was so petrified that I was like, “if this is what it’s like working with spirit, I’m done. I’m out.”

But, then another spirit came into my life. His name is Ellouise, and is my main spirit guide. Now, Ellouise is like no other. He’s flamboyant, glittery, flashy, wears feather boas and platform shoes. He looks like Gene Wilder with wild golden long locks, and is incredibly sweet, savvy, and knowledgeable.

Shortly after Ellouise came into my life, and I began to be comfortable with spirit, another energy entered into my life. His name is Yeshua, who you might know as Jesus. He taught me how to not be afraid of energy or any Spirit. How I hold internal potent energy within me that is God given. This energy can be used to manifest my fears or desires. It’s always been my choice.

Again, shortly after Yeshua entered my life Mary Magdalene came to me. This is when my life really started to expand. All at the age of Seven, could you imagine? I was blacking out and not having a conscious memory of hours when I would play out in my tree house. I had an old Fisher Price recorder radio. One day I took it out to the treehouse. I was just curious about what was going on during these blackout moments. To my surprise, when I replayed the tapes, I was talking but my voice sounded funny. And I was saying things I didn’t really understand. Ellouise told me that it was Magdalene speaking through me.

It never really scared me because Yeshua taught me how to stand in my power. But I began to be curious. I asked a lot of questions. And thankfully, they came with answers. Even to this day, when I ask a question,  pretty much instantaneously I get the answer. Or, within the week I am guided to where I can find the answer.

My unseen friends shared fascinating stories of life from 1000s of years in the past. They shared with me their deep Wisdom Teachings and still continue to this day with transformational guidance for all of humanity. I’m extremely grateful to bring these teachings to all those who have ears to hear. I live by these teachings. I’ve been a professional intuitive trance channel now for six years. My business is going great. I have wonderful mentors and guides and my community is growing

But, still I want more. I want these messages to go worldwide. I want to teach people how to stand in their sovereignty. So, it is my hope through this blog, that you come on this journey with me. You share in my experiences.

Life is a journey to be taken one step at a time. Yeshua taught me that. Life is precious and should be treasured at every moment. Ellouise taught me that. But, most of all Magdalene, taught me to keep going, to keep persevering. I have a unique vision of how to help people find their soul purpose. People want a quick answer and unfortunately a soul purpose is not a quick answer. I’m in the process of mapping it all out and so far the whole kit and caboodle is about a year and a half long. Soon I hope to start Sovereignty Academy that show people the process I am creating and piecing together in order to spark them into a new evolution of their life.

So, are you ready?