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Crista Marie

As a young girl Crista Marie Miller was visited by special friends only she could see, bringing beautiful messages of love and fascinating stories of life from thousands of years in the past. Central among those friends were Mary Magdalene and Yeshua, who we know as Jesus. They told Crista Marie the true stories of their lives, shared their deep wisdom teachings, and continued with transformational guidance for all of humanity. Today Crista Marie channels Mary Magdalene, a generally misunderstood real life historical figure and brings her teachings to the modern world during this time of rapid evolution. 

Crista Marie

Crista Marie Miller embraced her spiritual gifts at the young age of Seven when she started channeling Spirit. ” Her gifts activate the dormant spirituality within, igniting a transformation. She channels Mary Magdalene along with the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness, who provide detailed insights into how to claim your sovereign creative power.


Passion Alchemy: Discovering A Relationship That Livens You

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By booking a session with Crista Marie Miller you can learn how to be a Creatrix from the teachings of Mary Magdalene. 

By rediscovering Flow and becoming A Creatrix you can master:

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Crista is an Intuitive Medium, Voice Channeler, and a Master Hypnotist. Crista began channeling Spirit at the age of 7. Her focus is empowering you with sacred wisdom from Divine Feminine Christ-Consciousness and the Goddesses that embody this lineage. She channels multiple teachers from this lineage, including Hathor, Isis, Mary Magdalene, and many more!


Who Was Magdalene

Mary Magdalene was a very misunderstood character in the history we know. Magdalene was a multi-faceted woman who persevered through the most difficult times a person can endure. From being falsely labeled, to becoming a Saint, find out more about the journey of her life, here.

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