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There is a reason that current manifestation techniques are not working for you.

Everyone has a unique fingerprint in their own manifestation energy. I guide you in discovering yourself in a way that honors your individual collection of gifts through ancient manifestation techniques taught directly to me by Magdalene. You, too, can learn sacred lessons from her time as an Initiate in the Temple of the Egyptian Goddesses Isis and Hathor.

Truly embodying Divine Creative Energy elevates your frequency, so you don’t have to work so hard at manifesting. When you honor your own creative access to flow, you manifest what is for your best and highest good with ease. You learn to fully step into your correct frequency signature to attract your deepest desires.

Magdalene’s lessons are continuously growing around numerous topics including:

You’ve been feeling a longing to connect. Possibly even had visions of Magdalene, Isis, Hathor, or many other manifestation Creatrix’s yourself. 

There is a reason you are here. This is your Wake Up Call and Intervention to Take Action!

The first step is to schedule a reading with Crista, or dive into a class she is offering. That first step will lead you into a better understanding of yourself and your way forward.

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Crista is an Intuitive Medium, Voice Channeler, and a Certified Hypnotherapist . Crista began channeling Spirit at the age of 7. Her focus is empowering you with sacred wisdom from Divine Feminine Christ-Consciousness and the Goddesses that embody this lineage. She channels multiple teachers from this lineage, including Hathor, Isis, Mary Magdalene, and many more!

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