Crista Marie Miller


CRISTA MARIE MILLER embraced her spiritual gifts at the young age of Seven when she started channeling Spirit. She’s nationally recognized as a “Consciousness Coach.” Her gifts activate the dormant spirituality within, igniting a transformation. She channels Mary Magdalene along with the Divine Feminine Christ Consciousness, who provide detailed insights into how to claim your sovereign creative power

The Mission

I am here to help you personally empower your true authentic self by unleashing your sexual and sensual desires, in order to discover the hidden powers lying beneath the surface of your subconscious mind. This will activate your dormant sexual energy to uncover your fiery passion leading to self discovering your true potential, and reconnecting with your soul’s purpose.

Key Values

  • Connection with Spirit
  • Honoring empowerment and self sovereignty
  • Strong energetic and personal boundaries
  • Continuing curiosity and enlightenment of spiritual beliefs and practices
  • Intimate space held with trust, respect, safety, and honor
  • Management of energy

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Crista is an Intuitive Medium, Voice Channeler, and a Certified Hypnotherapist . Crista began channeling Spirit at the age of 7. Her focus is empowering you with sacred wisdom from Divine Feminine Christ-Consciousness and the Goddesses that embody this lineage. She channels multiple teachers from this lineage, including Hathor, Isis, Mary Magdalene, and many more!

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